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Site Builder

The eCube Site Builder is a set of tools based on our experience of over 10 years of cutting edge web development. The Site Builder automates and structures the process of developing the website allowing rapid and flexible generation with no compromise on design or flexibility.

The Site Builder is based around a set of design principles that guide our work and provide a form basis for future development:

1. Re-use of standard modules

We have a standard set of modules which we have developed over 5 years which provide the dynamic functionality of the site. For example the Content Management module handles the maintenance of all the copy on the site, or the Membership module which handles accounts, passwords and securities. By re-using modules we can spread the cost of development and provide advanced functionality at affordable costs

2. Design separate from Functionality

We recognize that every website is different, so we separate completely the function (in a module) from the design (or look) of the site, thus allowing the reuse of our standard modules without compromising design values.

3. Customer Ownership

Our powerful dynamic tools, including the Content Management module and other dynamic updating technologies mean that almost all day to day maintenance can be handled yourselves through our easy-to-use interface running in a standard web browser. There’s no need to incur costs every time the website needs changing; or an account needs to be created; just login and make the changes yourselves.

4. Web Standards

We have much of experience in using and developing for the internet and ensure that your website meets all the relevant web standards to maximize compatibility across different machines, devices and operating systems.

5. Browser Update

You don’t need special software to maintain the website; just use any browser anywhere in the world.

6. Safe and Secure

Coming from our financial background we recognize the need for safe and secure systems. Our Content Management module has an advanced security model so you can control exactly who can change each part of your site. Each change is logged with an audit trail so you can see exactly what was changed, when and who by. It supports a “staged update” process whereby changes to the website need to be approved before they appear on the live website.


These guiding principles are built into our Site Builder technology, which uses a web interface to design the structure and modules within the site. The design is then added to complete the development process.


The key to the success of the Site Builder is the wide range of highly functional modules which can be “plugged in” to the website to provide dynamic functionality
  • Membership Module: Accounts, password and an advanced security model - view screenshot
  • Content Management: Browser based update of text and graphics - view screenshot 1 screenshot 2
  • News: Powerful and flexible news article publication
  • Email: Publishing of news and promotional emails
  • Usage Tracking: See who is doing what on your website
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Questionnaire/Survey
  • Contact Us/Messaging
  • Charting: Powerful financial charting - view screenshot
  • XML data acquisition and storage
  • HTTPS secure site access
  • Flexible and efficient site search
  • Shopping Basket, Credit Card and e-commerce interfaces.
  • Customer Relationship Management - view screenshot
  • Project Management