Bespoke research and technology solutions for the financial services industry. Research microsites and white-label branding.


eCube operates a professional and flexible development methodology which uses our experience and tools to develop applications rapidly, collaborating with the client at every step. We develop using a sequence of iterations which allows the client to be fully involved in the development process, minimising confusion and allowing maximum flexibility.

Financial Research

eCube has a strong presence in the financial research sector offering a range of products from public websites through to back office analysis, document production and customer management applications. We have experience of dealing with compliance and the security issues vital in this sector.

Web Development

Our innovative web development tools and experience allow us to offer powerful and cost effective web-based solutions for any business. We have standard modules supporting most of the standard web publishing and e-commerce requirements and have in depth experience of managing sales and subscriptions, search engine optimisation and the day to day management of busy websites.

Our Tools

Over a period of 5 years eCube has developed a Java-based application engine which sits behind a conventional web server (e.g. Apache, IIS) to act as a efficient, reliable and robust platform for application delivery.

Our approach is largely browser-based, using the Internet or Corporate Intranets as a vehicle for application delivery. We are continually increasing the potential of a browser-based approach as a efficient (and sometimes radical) approach to software distribution allowing a browser based solution to replace applications traditionally delivered using conventional methods.

Our innovative approach treats the website development process as just another web-based application; thus a website can be created through a browser-based interface.

Structured Site Builder (SSB)

Our browser-based approach to website development.