Bespoke research and technology solutions for the financial services industry. Research microsites and white-label branding.


Dr. Chris Martin

Managing Director. Chris earned a 1st Class honours degree and a PhD in computing science at Imperial College, London. Before coming to Ecube, he was a director at a leading developer of museum asset management systems. His areas of specialization have been in scripting language design and implementation, including optimisation techniques, portability, usability and integration of a scripting language into existing applications.

He has led award-winning teams, developing multi-media and text database system, including optimisation of disk storage, optimising search and retrieval strategies, implementing a client/server architecture, API design for various languages, user interface design, web-server design and implementation. He and his teams have won a number of British Computer Society medals.

Catherine Porter

Lead Developer. Catherine develops the core charting and financial analysis engines and provides web based interfaces for both update and easy retrieval. Cath developed the interactive chart interface in Investors Intelligence. Cath has a Masters Degree in Astro and Particle Physics from Oxford University and 10 years experience in software development.